Liu Yun

Liu Yun was born in 1957, Yueyang, Hunan Province. He is a graduate of the fine arts department of Hunan University. Initially he painted with oils and used western painting techniques to express Chinese painting philosophy. Because of this creative painting style, Liu Yun has gained much attention from the art world. Subsequently, when he focused on Chinese painting, it could be said that he has chosen a medium of expression with which he was more familiar. Liu Yun’s Chinese painting style is known as “New Blue and Green Landscape Painting”. His works combine the artistic language of western art with traditional Blue and Green Landscape Painting techniques. Furthermore, he has established a unique style of unifying Western art and traditional Chinese traditional art. Therefore, he has created a form of “New Landscape Painting”.

Works By Liu Yun

Differing from traditional Chinese painting, Liu Yun has a unique method of applying colors. The intensive colors which resemble oil pigmentsaturate the canvas. Colors such as ochre, azurite, and mineral green are sharply contrasted with thick blacks. Sky, earth, mountains and water are painted in multiple layers of ink washes in geometrical shapes. Furthermore, soft and hard lines are painted between adjacent color shapes on the basis of color harmony. In addition, the white space hidden among the inky-black forest also contributes to the diversity of visual elements; these elements coalesce to provide viewers with an immersive experience.

Liu Yun’s works are inspired by the Xiang lake area where he spent most of his life time. These landscapes have been accumulated and abstracted in his memory and mind, so that villages, people and other elements gradually vanish from the images of mountains and lake. Eventually, the depicted landscape is free from the inherent limitations of time and space and transformed into an expression of the artist’s consciousness. A Gentle Breeze Brushes By was the title of Liu Yun’s previous series of work; it is also an expression of the humanistic spirit which coincides with Liu Yun’s artistic philosophy and painting style. The painted landscape is breezy and heartwarming, and not grandiose. In this way, the artist’s contemplation of life is perfectly blended in his painting style, and unified with his artistic expression.

Among his various important appointments, Liu Yun is council member of the China Artists Association, council member of the Chinese Painting Institute, vice president of the China Artist Association of Heshan Painting, president of the Hunan Art Academy, and vice president of the Hunan Federation of Literary and Art Circles. His works are included in significant anthologies and surveys such asThe Modern Chinese Art, A History of Chinese Fine Arts 1949-2002, A History of China Modern Art, Chinese Contemporary Art Document Exhibition, and Chinese Contemporary Art 1979-1999. His publications include Liu Yun Oil Painting Selection, Collection of Liu Yun Works, Creation of a Crossover Artistic Conception, Liu Yun Art Document, Spiritual Landscape, and Liu Yun Chinese Painting Collection.He has won numerous awards, and his works have been collected by domestic and foreign institutions and individuals such as the National Art Museum of China and the Guanshanyue Art Museum.

In 2008, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs invited artists Liu Yun and Shi Gang to collaborate on the paintingSpiritual Landscape · Dreaming of the South, which is on permanent display in the banquet hall of the Chinese Embassy in Washington DC. In response to a further invitation of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2012, Liu Yun painted The Spring Scenery of Xiao Xiang Area, which is permanently exhibited in the Chinese Embassy in Iceland. Liu Yun’s Mountains Shrouded in Quietness Left by the Setting Sun was collected by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2016 and is exhibited in the Commissioner’s Office of China’s Foreign Ministry in the Hong Kong. In 2017, the China Artists Association, the National Art Museum of China and the Hunan Federation of Literary and Art Circles jointly organized and presented the solo exhibition of Liu Yun: Spiritual Landscape.